Mustangs of the Las Colinas

The Museum is known for its extensive collection of Mustangs. It also features exhibits on the artist, including a photo exhibition of the artist’s work. If you love to ride these fast cars, you can visit the museum and see its unique collection. The Mustangs of La Colinas Museum Las Colinas Irving Texas para: The museum is also known for its special exhibitions. There are many works by the artist on display. There is also a special section about the artist, a biography and more. Browse around this site

The Mustangs of the Las Colinas sculpture stands in Williams Square in Las Colinas, Irving. It is a renowned piece of art that depicts a herd of wild mustangs crossing a pond. The adjacent museum features exhibits on the creation of the sculpture, as well as additional works by Robert Glen. The sculpture is easily accessible from nearby DART Orange Line stops. Check it out here

The museum is located next to the sculpture, in Williams Square Plaza. There is limited parking available on the street, but parking is available in the nearby DART Orange Line station. The indoor museum adjacent to the mustangs is open to the public on select days and hours. During the construction of the new Museum, the sculpture is visible. A film about the creation of the artwork is also available for visitors to view. The gallery features other works by Robert Glen.

The Mustangs of Las Colinas are a stunning and unique piece of art. Designed by Robert Glen, the sculpture features a herd of bronze mustangs galloping across a river. Water is strategically placed beneath the hooves of the horses to create an illusion of speed. It is a beautiful way to commemorate the unfettered lifestyle of pioneers in Texas.

The museum is located at Williams Square Plaza in Irving, Texas. The indoor museum is only open for a few hours. The Mustangs of Las Colinas sculpture is a large bronze sculpture of a group of nine wild mustangs that has become a symbol of the city. The statue is an important landmark in the city of Irving. This monument is a beautiful piece of art and deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

The Mustangs of La Colinas are a beautiful landmark of Irving, Texas. Located in Williams Square, the mustangs are an iconic feature of the city. The iconic sculpture is the centerpiece of the Las Colinas development in Irving. The museum is adjacent to the sculpture. The art installation is an evocative tribute to the unique culture of the Texans.