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Highland Park, Texas is a suburban town in central Dallas County. The population was 8,564 at the 2010 census. The town is located between U.S. Route 75 and the Dallas North Tollway, and is 4 miles north of downtown Dallas. This affluent community is considered a desirable place to live for a variety of reasons. For those who are considering relocating, it is an ideal location for a new home. A great place to also visit is

This quaint town is nestled between Garland and University Park. It has a relatively moderate population, with 91.3% white residents. There is also a small population of Asian, American Indian, and two percent black. The city is home to a Hispanic population of 2.7%. In terms of income, fewer than a third of Highland Park Texas residents live below the poverty line. The child poverty rate in this city is 0.6%, and there are approximately 3,474 households per 1,000 residents.

Despite its low population, Highland Park has a very high crime rate. In fact, there are 72 full-time law enforcement personnel in Highland Park. The town’s residents are mainly American (48.3%) and English-speaking (15.3%). But there are other nationalities, too. Those with foreign heritages, such as Irish and German, are also found in the city. The population of Highland is 2,828 people, making it the fourth largest city in Dallas, Texas. A fantastic read

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